<![CDATA[Hydrogen House Project - Press Releases]]>Fri, 23 Mar 2018 02:22:55 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[First commercially produced hydrogen house]]>Fri, 21 Aug 2015 06:12:26 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/first-commercially-produced-hydrogen-house"Bringing solar-hydrogen homes into the mainstream creating a new wave of self-reliant clean renewable energy systems"

Hopewell, NJ. August 25, 2015 –
    The Hydrogen House Project announces the first commercially produced fully-permitted and affordable, solar-hydrogen, on/off-grid residence in the world located in Pennington, NJ. This major milestone in the development and advancement of clean renewable hydrogen energy technologies will be demonstrated to invited guests at a dedication ceremony on Friday, September 11, 2015.
    In 2006, Mike Strizki gained international acclaim by developing the original Hydrogen House, which was the first lived-in, solar-hydrogen home in the western hemisphere. Now, the Hydrogen House Project is pleased to announce a new home featuring the “JOULE BOX” Energy System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk08Mul_yfw including ultra-filtration for water purification, state of the art LED lighting and super insulation creating a truly GREEN HOME. Unlike other solar homes, this home completes the renewable energy circle in that when the grid goes out this home still has power making full use of its solar system. Mike emphasizes: “The home is not only using clean renewable energy technologies, but also has a negative carbon footprint producing only pure water and medical grade oxygen as its by products.”
    The original Hydrogen House, which won the Clean Tech Award in 2008 from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, has been operational for over 9 years. The system has survived hurricanes and winter storms proving the resiliency of the Hydrogen House Energy System. Since the first Hydrogen House, cost of the system has dramatically reduced so that it is now a viable and affordable option. In addition, the system qualifies for federal and state incentives.
    This Pennington, NJ home, owned by Alice DeTiberge, showcases the Hydrogen House Joule Box Clean Energy System which provides power fo rall of the amenities required in a home including a full kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, hot tub and multimedia entertainment systems. Alice said “With my new clean energy system I feel safe in my home, especially after what I experienced during Superstorm Sandy”. In addition, the system is fully capable of supporting electric and hydrogen refueling stations, which will be installed in the near future. In fact, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and the Millennium Reign portable refueling station will also be on display during the September 11th event. Due to the high level of interest in the Hydrogen House Joule Box system and hydrogen energy storage, Mike Strizki is establishing a commercial entity to handle the sales and service of the system.

Link to webpage: http://hydrogenhouseproject.org/the-first-consumer-hydrogen-house.html
Request an invitation at: http://www.hydrogenhouseproject.org/event-invite.html
Questions may be directed to Michael Strizki at 609-731-1990 or mike@hydrogenhouseproject.org
<![CDATA[Hydrogen House Project Partners with New Jersey Audubon and National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools USA Program]]>Thu, 16 Oct 2014 00:25:34 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/hydrogen-house-project-partners-with-new-jersey-audobon-and-national-wildlife-federations-eco-schools-usa-programHopewell, NJ.  October 13, 2014 – Renewable energy is among the fastest growing job markets in America.  New Jersey Audubon is partnering with the Hydrogen House Project to help make sure that New Jersey students are well primed for the trend.  The Hydrogen House is the only solar-hydrogen fueled residence in North America and owner, inventor, and Hopewell resident, Mike Strizki has opened his doors to educate students about how and why we should be diving head first into the future of renewable energy.  As the state coordinators of National Wildlife Federation’s (NWF) Eco-Schools USA program, New Jersey Audubon will be reaching out to its growing network of 129 Eco-Schools in New Jersey to help them take advantage of this unique educational opportunity.  

Eco-Schools USA is a program that provides free resources, recognition and support to schools integrating sustainability education in their existing curriculum.   Schools select from ten environmental pathways to focus on, including energy efficiency, climate change, biodiversity, and school grounds.  Through the energy pathway, the program encourages students to investigate renewable and non-renewable energy sources and understand the impact that natural resource consumption has on public health, wildlife and habitat.  New Jersey Audubon provides dedicated staff to support Eco-Schools in their efforts and help them connect with local resources that can serve as models for best practice.  

That’s where Hydrogen House Project comes in.  The Hydrogen House has been retrofitted to convert solar energy into hydrogen gas. The gas provides clean electricity by way of hydrogen fuel cells, and can be stored indefinitely.  The home system produces enough power to run Mike Strizki’s fuel cell car for free.  Unlike fossil fuels that release CO2 and other emissions when burned, Strizki's clean energy systems require no oil or gas wells to be drilled, and emit only chemically pure water and oxygen.  His non-profit organization, Hydrogen House Project offers in-depth educational tours to schools. The students are guided step-by step- through the process of how the off grid solar Hydrogen House works. They learn how the technology can change the environmental health of the planet.

Eric Stiles, president & CEO, New Jersey Audubon says, “Our consumption habits of energy can impact wildlife and the environment, and we all benefit from exploring a variety of options of reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources. New Jersey Audubon’s partnership with Hydrogen House Project provides a unique opportunity for New Jersey students to experience one of these possibilities, and get a glimpse of what the future of energy might look like.”

As the state’s lead conservation and education organization with a statewide network of community-based centers, land sanctuaries and 20,000 members, New Jersey Audubon is well positioned to help schools use the environment as an experiential learning tool.  New Jersey Audubon staff promotes Hydrogen House Project as a learning opportunity through NWF’s Eco-Schools USA Program.  

“As students envision, plan, execute, and communicate their experiences through the various Eco-Schools pathways – including the energy pathway – they become equipped with the skills, knowledge and tools needed to lead as responsible citizens of a globalized world.  These students are the next generation of engineers, scientists, and policy makers” says Eco-Schools coordinator and New Jersey Audubon staff, Jennifer Dowd.  

About Eco-Schools

Eco-Schools is an international program in 60 countries. The program, hosted by the National Wildlife Federation in the United States, and coordinated by New Jersey Audubon in New Jersey now has 129 schools registered throughout the state.  Eco-Schools USA in New Jersey supports and directly aligns with Sustainable Jersey for Schools point-based system.  With support from PSE&G, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Horizon Foundation, and Spencer Savings Bank Eco-Schools USA is able to provide a staff person on the ground to help New Jersey schools reach their goals.  For more information: http://www.nwf.org/Eco-Schools-USA.aspx

About Hydrogen House Project

The Hydrogen House Project represents a worldwide beacon for renewable energy. Hydrogen House Project is a non-profit 501c3 organization that is dedicated to world wide solutions for energy, water and air problems.  Mike Strizki founded the organization in 2008. His house is proof that there are current technologies on the market that when combined can achieve zero carbon footprint living without giving up any of the amenities.  Over the course of the next several years, the Hydrogen House will be transformed into an interactive educational Mecca featuring hands-on demonstrations of the latest clean and renewable energy technologies.  Meanwhile, the organization will continue to educate the public while conducting research and implementing renewable hydrogen and other clean energy technologies extending the reach of renewables into every facet of modern life.   For more information please visit www.hydrogenhouseproject.org

About New Jersey Audubon:

The New Jersey Audubon Society is a privately supported, not-for profit, statewide membership organization that fosters environmental awareness and a conservation ethic among New Jersey's citizens; protects New Jersey's birds, mammals, other animals, and plants, especially endangered and threatened species; and promotes preservation of New Jersey's valuable natural habitats. New Jersey Audubon is an affiliate of National Wildlife Federation. For more information: www.njaudubon.org.

About National Wildlife Federation:

National Wildlife Federation is America’s largest conservation organization inspiring people to protect wildlife for our children’s future. NWF focuses its education and policy work on connecting children to nature for a nation of happier, healthier kids. NWF’s state affiliate is NJ Audubon. For more information: www.nwf.org.

<![CDATA[Hydrogen is the answer for the victims of typhoon yolanda]]>Fri, 13 Jun 2014 05:12:45 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/hydrogen-is-the-answer-for-the-victims-of-typhoon-yolandaPicture
Basic necessities such as electricity, water and housing are sadly still not available for thousands of people in the Philippines. Fortunately, their is hope to build back the infrastructure and have houses and buildings using hydrogen and solar power to meet their energy demands. Mike Strizki visited the Philippines to help with a project to provide power for 100 homes, and to customize a complete and cost-effective Solar-Hydrogen solution, including Photo-voltaic, Electrolyzer, Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cell technologies. Beyond the initial 100 home project the city of Manila looks to backing up several hospitals using Solar-Hydrogen power. The Philippines needs to prepare for typhoon season by investing in hydrogen; this is the most effective way to keep people safe because typhoon victims would not have to rely on an outside source to obtain energy. This could be a major industrial step for the Philippines and prevent power outages caused by severe weather, make people fully independent from the electricity grid, and provide clean drinking water.

The Philippines is a tropical country with an abundance of sun and rain. Fortunately H2O and sunlight are the main components needed to power an entire city! We have the technology, now it is time to urge the Philippines to protect their citizens and prevent another disaster. This technology can and will save lives!

For more pictures of our trip to the Philippines please see http://hydrogenhouseproject.org/photo-gallery.html#philippines

<![CDATA[Hydrogen House takes its show on the road for earth day at 2 events]]>Tue, 22 Apr 2014 19:48:28 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/hydrogen-house-takes-its-show-on-the-road-for-earth-day-at-2-eventsWed. 4/23
Special Science Seminar “Hydrogen Economy:  The Long Wait is Over” (public event)
Link: http://www.raritanval.edu/earthweek/
The hydrogen economy technology has arrived. The will to use it is another matter.  For the last 25 years, Mr. Strizki has devoted his life to the search of renewable energy generation and storage.  With the advent of cheap solar panels and worldwide acceptance of cost effective renewable energy equipment, the only missing link is the storage.  Hydrogen holds the answer.  Mr. Strizki will present a brief history of hydrogen power from the beginning to space travel to today and why it is the most important implementation in the history of man.

April 26-27
Earth Day Texas
Link: http://earthdaytx.org/
The hydrogen house project will for the first time outside of the house project show all of mikes inventions including the fuel cell lawnmower, off road vehicles, the NJ genesis fuel cell vehicle, Joule Box solar hydrogen charging station, H2 To Go portable power station, fuel cell motorcycle, hydra solar hydrogen water purification equipment, hydrogen cooking, and small electric portable charging devices, electric vehicle charging stations, and the Duffy electric speed boat. This is the largest earth day celebration in the world and we will be finishing the documentary "Keys to the Cage" with final ending shots at the event. Come join us for this history making event.]]>
<![CDATA[MIKE STRIZKI URGES ANGUILLA TO GO SOLAR]]>Sat, 12 Oct 2013 15:00:25 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/mike-strizki-urges-anguilla-to-go-solar“What is Anguilla waiting for?” an alternative energy expert asked when he met with a group of Go Solar enthusiasts at Paradise Cove several days ago.

He is Mr Mike Strizki, of New Jersey, who also describes himself as an inventor, scientist and engineer. He heads his own company – Renewable Energy International – which is involved in solar hydrogen systems and also operates a non-profit organization called Hydrogen House Project which is in pursuit of clean and renewable solutions to help meet the world’s increasing energy demands.He was invited to Anguilla to share his knowledge and experience of alternative energy.

Noting that hydrogen fuels the sun, and that his project converts solar energy into hydrogen cells to produce clean electricity, Mr Strizki was emphatic in his presentation. “God has placed a nuclear ball in the sky called the sun, so why does Anguilla import fuel when it can turn to solar energy to meet its electricity needs?” he asked, saying that a 15- megawatt solar system can supply all the power the island needs

One of Anguilla’s Go Solar enthusiasts, who said that Mr Strizki had already introduced his project to StKitts-Nevis, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and other islands, spoke to The Anguillian about Mr Strizki’s visit to Anguilla: “He came to tell us the things that some of us already know,” the spokesman stated. “We would like the rest of the island, as well as the Legislature and the Government, to know that we have to take action now if we are going to stand a chance tomorrow. Our energy cost is too high, unsustainable and is hurting businesses and individuals.

Read the full article at The Anguillian Newspaper...

<![CDATA[Hydrogen House Project Showcases the Duffy Voyager Speedboat at the Atlantic City Boat Show, February 1-5]]>Mon, 30 Jan 2012 13:59:53 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/hydrogen-house-project-showcases-the-duffy-voyager-speedboat-at-the-atlantic-city-boat-show-february-1-5(Hopewell, NJ)  The Hydrogen House Project will feature the Duffy Voyager Electric Speedboat at the Atlantic City Boat Show February 1-5, 2012.  The organization plans to retrofit the Voyager, donated to the project by Duffy Electric Boat Company Newport Beach, CA, to run on renewable hydrogen power. 

The boat will be outfitted with highly efficient flexible solar cells in conjunction with two micro-wind turbines to power an onboard electrolyzer, which in turn will split seawater into hydrogen and oxygen.  The hydrogen will be stored onboard the Voyager in compressed gas tanks to power a fuel cell, providing clean electricity to power the boat’s operating systems and motor. 

Sitting atop the water, the boat will perpetually refuel itself so long as the sun is shining or wind is blowing.  The organization seeks to break the world distance and speed record for an electric drive marine craft.

The Hydrogen House Project will feature other renewable hydrogen products at the Atlantic City Boat Show Exhibit, including: a fuel cell motorcycle, lawnmower, cooking stove, and the New Jersey Genesis fuel cell car.  The organization is also presenting for the first time a prototype dockside power unit capable of powering the boat’s power systems while docked, eliminating the need to run the boat to charge batteries or run power systems.  The unit is capable of backfeeding the grid while the boat is at sea and during the off-season.  It will generate Renewable Energy Credits for its owner and backup power in the event of a power failure.

“We’re holding the key to storing limitless clean energy,” says Mike Strizki, founder and Chairman of the Hydrogen House Project.  “Our goal is to demonstrate that hydrogen can power anything fossil fuels can; but unlike fossil fuels, the only byproduct from burning or converting hydrogen in a fuel cell is pure water!  This technology has the potential to help reduce pollution on our planet.”

Strizki is also owner of Renewable Energy Holdings, which licenses and sells renewable energy technologies including those developed by the Hydrogen House Project.  The company’s successful solar panel mounting unit division, Genmounts, has expanded rapidly across the country in less than two years, and all of its products are 100 percent American made.  Renewable Energy Holdings partners with Hydrogen House Project as the primary corporate sponsor.

Duffy Electric Boat Company has partnered with Hydrogen House Project by donating the concept Duffy Voyager Electric Speedboat to the organization.  The kevlar and carbon fiber hull is a wave-piercing design that captured a battery powered boating world record in 2002.  Initially powered by a large onboard battery bank, the Hydrogen House Project plans to reduce the need for batteries and increase the boat’s horsepower by incorporating a hydrogen fuel cell drive with renewable energy self-fueling capabilities. 

Hydrogen House Project has also partnered with Sea Quest Kids, a division of Advance America Foundation, to bring the Duffy Voyager project to the Atlantic City Boat Show.  “Sea Quest Kids needs to be involved in a project like this because it’s all about the future, and the kids are the future of humanity,” says “Fearless Leader” of Sea Quest Kids, Steve Gronka.  “We want to be good stewards of the planet, and Sea Quest Kids is all about environment awareness.”

Hydrogen House Project is actively seeking sponsors and partners interested in renewable hydrogen technologies to collaborate on the Duffy Voyager Electric Speedboat and other projects.  If interested, please contact:

John Shimkus
Executive Director, Hydrogen House Project

About Hydrogen House Project
The Hydrogen House Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to education and the pursuit of clean and renewable energy technologies.  The organization was founded by inventor Mike Strizki in 2011.  Strizki gained international notoriety in 2006 when he converted his home in Hopewell, New Jersey, to run exclusively on solar and hydrogen power.  With grants from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, as well as his own personal funds, Strizki was able to complete the Hydrogen House, the first solar-hydrogen residence in North America.  Strizki has since offered educational tours of his home to show how effective the system is at providing clean, safe, renewable energy.  His house is completely off the grid, and the only byproducts of his system are chemically pure water and medical grade oxygen.

The Hydrogen House Project plans to move forward with Strizki's research and development efforts in the renewable energy sector, investigating practical applications for solar, hydrogen, fuel cells and other clean energy technologies.  Side-by-side with these research efforts, the organization will educate the public through guided tours of the Hydrogen House, presentations, student internships, research projects, and events.


About Duffy Electric Boat Company
Since 1970, Duffy Electric Boat Company has manufactured electric boats to serve various marine applications.  The company, in collaboration with Mike Strizki, developed the first hydrogen powered passenger boat in 2004, and just two years earlier set a world record for battery powered boating with the Duffy Voyager.  The company has since donated the Voyager to the Hydrogen House Project for conversion to run on hydrogen power.


About Renewable Energy Holdings
Incorporated in New Jersey, Renewable Energy Holdings is a leading integrator of individual renewable energy technology components into complete turnkey systems. It has worked on numerous hydrogen fuel cell transportation, vehicle and stationary applications in the U.S. and worldwide.


About Genmounts
Genmounts is a solar panel mounting unit company and a division of Renewable Energy Holdings.  Genmounts are 100 percent designed and manufactured in the USA, and the unique easy to install design can save solar installers up to 50 percent on labor.  The units are custom designed to fit any PV module from zero to 40 degrees, and are wind tunnel tested to 150 mph.


About Sea Quest Kids
A division of Advance America Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity education foundation, Sea Quest Kids is the Little League of Boating. In two days or less kids including all special needs kids build their own 10 foot boat, paddles, oars, mast, sail, sail rig, and outboard motor bracket.  The organization holds fishing tournaments and boat races and collaborates with the Kids Boating Network and KBN Sea Action News Team, as well as the Kids Broadcasting Network and KBN See Action News Team.


<![CDATA[High Pressure Solar-Hydrogen System to be Installed at Hydrogen House Project Headquarters]]>Fri, 09 Dec 2011 16:27:53 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/high-pressure-solar-hydrogen-system-to-be-installed-at-hydrogen-house-project-headquartersThe Hydrogen House Project's headquarters in Hopewell, New Jersey is updating its revolutionary solar-hydrogen system to a modern high-pressure system complete with data monitoring.  Mike Strizki designed and installed the world's first regulation-approved home solar-hydrogen system.  The low-pressure hydrogen system installed in 2006 splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen by way of electrolysis powered by a 21-kilowatt solar panel array.  The stored hydrogen gas is used for heating and cooking in the Hydrogen House, and provides electricity by way of a hydrogen fuel cell.  The only emissions the system produces are chemically pure water and medical grade oxygen.  It is 100 percent clean and renewable energy.  

The Hydrogen House suffered damages when Hurricane Irene hit the Northeastern United States in August 2011.  In a freak occurrence, heavy winds blew down a tree that connected the Hydrogen House's low-voltage power lines to the local utility company's high-voltage lines.  As a a result, the Hydrogen House's fuel cell was damaged.  Ironically, had the Hydrogen House not been selling the excess electricity it produced back to the grid, this incident would have been avoided.  The home's geothermal pump was also damaged from flooding.  Nonetheless, while the town suffered an electrical blackout for days, the Hydrogen House still had its lights on.  Mike Strizki simply hooked up the fuel cell in his hydrogen car to power his home.  

Hurricane Irene offers a unique opportunity for the Hydrogen House Project to reevaluate the solar-hydrogen system.  We intend to install high pressure tanks to replace the 11 large propane tanks featured at the Hydrogen House.  A high pressure electrolyzer will be installed as well as a more efficient modern fuel cell.  

Finally, a data monitoring system will track the daily energy use of the Hydrogen House.  The system will provide the world with valuable insight into the costs and efficiencies of running a home with hydrogen.  This information is vital to understanding the true potential of a hydrogen economy and can help the scientific community model scenarios for how to integrate larger-scale hydrogen projects into society.  

We are actively seeking sponsors to feature their technology in this exciting project. For more information and to find out how you can get involved, visit   www.hydrogenhouseproject.org/donate.html

John Shimkus
Executive Director, Hydrogen House Project
<![CDATA[Hydrogen House Project Launches New Website!]]>Sun, 30 Oct 2011 22:01:47 GMThttp://hydrogenhouseproject.org/press-releases/first-postThe Hydrogen House Project has launched it's new interactive website!  Subscribe to the RSS Feed to receive periodical Press Releases.