Wed. 4/23
Special Science Seminar “Hydrogen Economy:  The Long Wait is Over” (public event)
The hydrogen economy technology has arrived. The will to use it is another matter.  For the last 25 years, Mr. Strizki has devoted his life to the search of renewable energy generation and storage.  With the advent of cheap solar panels and worldwide acceptance of cost effective renewable energy equipment, the only missing link is the storage.  Hydrogen holds the answer.  Mr. Strizki will present a brief history of hydrogen power from the beginning to space travel to today and why it is the most important implementation in the history of man.

April 26-27
Earth Day Texas
The hydrogen house project will for the first time outside of the house project show all of mikes inventions including the fuel cell lawnmower, off road vehicles, the NJ genesis fuel cell vehicle, Joule Box solar hydrogen charging station, H2 To Go portable power station, fuel cell motorcycle, hydra solar hydrogen water purification equipment, hydrogen cooking, and small electric portable charging devices, electric vehicle charging stations, and the Duffy electric speed boat. This is the largest earth day celebration in the world and we will be finishing the documentary "Keys to the Cage" with final ending shots at the event. Come join us for this history making event.