Basic necessities such as electricity, water and housing are sadly still not available for thousands of people in the Philippines. Fortunately, their is hope to build back the infrastructure and have houses and buildings using hydrogen and solar power to meet their energy demands. Mike Strizki visited the Philippines to help with a project to provide power for 100 homes, and to customize a complete and cost-effective Solar-Hydrogen solution, including Photo-voltaic, Electrolyzer, Hydrogen Storage and Fuel Cell technologies. Beyond the initial 100 home project the city of Manila looks to backing up several hospitals using Solar-Hydrogen power. The Philippines needs to prepare for typhoon season by investing in hydrogen; this is the most effective way to keep people safe because typhoon victims would not have to rely on an outside source to obtain energy. This could be a major industrial step for the Philippines and prevent power outages caused by severe weather, make people fully independent from the electricity grid, and provide clean drinking water.

The Philippines is a tropical country with an abundance of sun and rain. Fortunately H2O and sunlight are the main components needed to power an entire city! We have the technology, now it is time to urge the Philippines to protect their citizens and prevent another disaster. This technology can and will save lives!

For more pictures of our trip to the Philippines please see http://hydrogenhouseproject.org/photo-gallery.html#philippines