"Bringing solar-hydrogen homes into the mainstream creating a new wave of self-reliant clean renewable energy systems"

Hopewell, NJ. August 25, 2015 –
    The Hydrogen House Project announces the first commercially produced fully-permitted and affordable, solar-hydrogen, on/off-grid residence in the world located in Pennington, NJ. This major milestone in the development and advancement of clean renewable hydrogen energy technologies will be demonstrated to invited guests at a dedication ceremony on Friday, September 11, 2015.
    In 2006, Mike Strizki gained international acclaim by developing the original Hydrogen House, which was the first lived-in, solar-hydrogen home in the western hemisphere. Now, the Hydrogen House Project is pleased to announce a new home featuring the “JOULE BOX” Energy System https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk08Mul_yfw including ultra-filtration for water purification, state of the art LED lighting and super insulation creating a truly GREEN HOME. Unlike other solar homes, this home completes the renewable energy circle in that when the grid goes out this home still has power making full use of its solar system. Mike emphasizes: “The home is not only using clean renewable energy technologies, but also has a negative carbon footprint producing only pure water and medical grade oxygen as its by products.”
    The original Hydrogen House, which won the Clean Tech Award in 2008 from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program, has been operational for over 9 years. The system has survived hurricanes and winter storms proving the resiliency of the Hydrogen House Energy System. Since the first Hydrogen House, cost of the system has dramatically reduced so that it is now a viable and affordable option. In addition, the system qualifies for federal and state incentives.
    This Pennington, NJ home, owned by Alice DeTiberge, showcases the Hydrogen House Joule Box Clean Energy System which provides power fo rall of the amenities required in a home including a full kitchen, laundry, bathrooms, hot tub and multimedia entertainment systems. Alice said “With my new clean energy system I feel safe in my home, especially after what I experienced during Superstorm Sandy”. In addition, the system is fully capable of supporting electric and hydrogen refueling stations, which will be installed in the near future. In fact, the Toyota Mirai hydrogen fuel cell vehicle and the Millennium Reign portable refueling station will also be on display during the September 11th event. Due to the high level of interest in the Hydrogen House Joule Box system and hydrogen energy storage, Mike Strizki is establishing a commercial entity to handle the sales and service of the system.

Link to webpage: http://hydrogenhouseproject.org/the-first-consumer-hydrogen-house.html
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