“What is Anguilla waiting for?” an alternative energy expert asked when he met with a group of Go Solar enthusiasts at Paradise Cove several days ago.

He is Mr Mike Strizki, of New Jersey, who also describes himself as an inventor, scientist and engineer. He heads his own company – Renewable Energy International – which is involved in solar hydrogen systems and also operates a non-profit organization called Hydrogen House Project which is in pursuit of clean and renewable solutions to help meet the world’s increasing energy demands.He was invited to Anguilla to share his knowledge and experience of alternative energy.

Noting that hydrogen fuels the sun, and that his project converts solar energy into hydrogen cells to produce clean electricity, Mr Strizki was emphatic in his presentation. “God has placed a nuclear ball in the sky called the sun, so why does Anguilla import fuel when it can turn to solar energy to meet its electricity needs?” he asked, saying that a 15- megawatt solar system can supply all the power the island needs

One of Anguilla’s Go Solar enthusiasts, who said that Mr Strizki had already introduced his project to StKitts-Nevis, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and other islands, spoke to The Anguillian about Mr Strizki’s visit to Anguilla: “He came to tell us the things that some of us already know,” the spokesman stated. “We would like the rest of the island, as well as the Legislature and the Government, to know that we have to take action now if we are going to stand a chance tomorrow. Our energy cost is too high, unsustainable and is hurting businesses and individuals.

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